Practice will be later than normal tonight

We have wrestle offs and weigh certification tonight. Weight certification can run late so we will try to get Jr. high kids done first and on the bus. If things take longer than normal, your wrestler will contact you asap letting you know how they plan to get home. I will personally shuttle kids if need be. I suspect very few kids will be affected.


5002 recognition night coming Friday Dec 6th!

2013 summer 5002 calendar

I’ve attached a ‘5002 calendar’ for those who want to try 5002 for next season.

5002 night Itinerary:
-please have your 5002 wrestler wear a ZM wrestling t-shirt
-have them there by 6:00pm
-6:30-6:45 we will meet by the south wall (by concessions) I will explain what we are to do
-6:45ish I will walk the 2013 5002 club members onto mat, introduce what 5002 is, then introduce them!
-I will also present the boys with their new ‘5002 shirts’ in which they will put on at this time

This is one of my favorite nights of the year! Please pump your little up for it…they’ve earned it!

If you are looking for the word find (last page) please contact me at 507-358-1344. I only have hard copies left.


New floor in wrestling room completed!

finished floor
finished floor
Thank you to Michael Majerus, Joey Majerus, and Brian Majerus for their work in finishing the wrestling room cement floor….it looks fantastic and these guys donated most of last weekend to finish it!

Thanks to Rob Haglund and Chris Soltau for helping Brian sand the floors Friday evening…it was a messy job!

Another thanks to:
Brian M, Joey M, Miachel M, Liz M, Rob Haglund, Jarrett H, Jack H, Dan Bennett, Jen Steffen, Chase S, Caden S, for coming in last night and helping clean up the wrestling room!

Thanks to all the others who have helped along the way; our room is really starting to look like home because of your work!

Please come check out the wrestling room tonight during family night!

Shhhhh…..ZM wrestlers text Link the following….

JH/HS Wrestling PARENTS: Please do not relay this message to your wrestler. This message is to be found by your wrestler on his own time and effort.  

7th-12th grade WRESTLERS: Please text me by Thursday, Nov 14th, by 8:00 p.m. the following sentence ‘I am a champion….your name’

WRESTLERS: My phone number is: 507-358-1344. If you do not have a phone borrow a parents or relatives. If you borrow another wrestlers phone DO NOT TELL HIM WHAT YOU ARE DOING AND ERASE YOUR MESSAGE WHEN YOU ARE DONE.

WRESTLERS: This is confidential, do not tell any other wrestler that they are suppose to text me. If you do, you are hurting your team by cheating. Your teammates should have received the same info you did and should be texting me just as you are. I am very proud of every wrestler but I’m especially proud of you right now for reading this and following instruction and communication! Be proud of yourself, you have started the year off in a great way and have learned a skill that will help you the rest of your life!

FYI, we are working on communication, following through with instructions, and integrity with this group. These kids have many qualities but there are a few areas they need to work on as individuals and as a team. When we break through these barriers, their strengths of togetherness, hard work, dedication, technique, strength, and belief, will certainly blend together for a successful season! I am 100% confident they will get their with all of our help!

WRESTLERS: Last thing, if you were told by a parent, another teammate, a fan, or a random person to text me the message, use INTEGRITY! It’s your job to tell me the truth to my face…not by text or phone.


***Reminder to add your email/phone number to the distrubution list found under the “high school” tab to receive updates from coaches unpublished on the website/facebook/twitter accounts. ***

ZM Preseason National Results and Pix!


Congratulations to the following wrestlers for competing at the Preseason Nationals in Iowa this past weekend!

Back row from left to right in Photo:
Name Record
Cody Heitman (1-2)
Joey Majerus (Did not wrestle)
Jacob Bennett (2-2)
Devin Manzy (0-2)
Caden Steffen (3-1)
Chase Steffen (Did not wrestle)

Front row from left to right:
Tyler Sotau (1-2)
Ryan Lexvold (0-2)
Micheal Majerus (2-2)
Hayden Stensland (3-2)
Spencer Defrang (2-2)

Nice job boys…ZM wrestling fans/parents are very proud of you! Your hard work will be rewarded! It’s amazing the guys who attend these tournaments and put in extra time end up wrestling in state tournaments and winning championships….keep up the good work!


Thursday, Dec 19th Triangular at Lakeville South

Varsity, JV & JH will be traveling to Lakeville South on Dec 19th for A triangular with LS and Henry Sibley.

I’ve requested we wrestler the first two duals so we can get home earlier. My apologize for the early start time of 5:00.

This is a terrific opportunity that Tim McAthie has approved for us! Please take the time to thank Tim as he has given the ZM wrestling program many opportunities!

Last, please refer to our practice calendar schedule and the Varsity/JV/JH schedules on this site as they ARE the most correct!


7-12 Wrestling Meeting – Monday 11-4-13, at 6:00


My goal is to get as many parents and wrestlers signed up on the zm web page as possible! Please encourage any wrestler or parent to attend, especially those who may not be receiving these messages!

Other topics to be covered:
1. rules and expectations
2. Varsity, JV, JH schedules
3. 9th grade league explanation
4. introduction to coaches in new position
5. Blue card/parent sheets
6. preseason nationals
7. Update on the new wrestling room


Free ZM Elementary night a huge success!!

We had 26 pre-k through 5th grade wrestlers show up to give wrestling a try last night! Our new wrestling room served perfectly to host this event! The parents were able to stand/sit behind the wall while coaches and wrestlers wrestled on the mats! It was a great night for ZM wrestling!

Thank you to the following for their help last evening:
Josie Bannitt
Justin Lowrie
Chris Lexvold
Tony Stensland
Mark Krier
Chase Steffen
Hunter Prodzinski
Cody Heitman
Seth Beyer


REMINDER – Free Elementary wrestling tonight! 6:30-7:30

zm YouthWrestlingFlier – final draftPlease encourage any elementary aged kid to give wrestling a try! This night is designated to those kids who never wrestled or quit wrestling and want to try it again. Our goal is to present a comfortable and nonintimidating environment to these first timers!