New floor in wrestling room completed!

finished floor
finished floor
Thank you to Michael Majerus, Joey Majerus, and Brian Majerus for their work in finishing the wrestling room cement floor….it looks fantastic and these guys donated most of last weekend to finish it!

Thanks to Rob Haglund and Chris Soltau for helping Brian sand the floors Friday evening…it was a messy job!

Another thanks to:
Brian M, Joey M, Miachel M, Liz M, Rob Haglund, Jarrett H, Jack H, Dan Bennett, Jen Steffen, Chase S, Caden S, for coming in last night and helping clean up the wrestling room!

Thanks to all the others who have helped along the way; our room is really starting to look like home because of your work!

Please come check out the wrestling room tonight during family night!

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