5002 recognition night coming Friday Dec 6th!

2013 summer 5002 calendar

I’ve attached a ‘5002 calendar’ for those who want to try 5002 for next season.

5002 night Itinerary:
-please have your 5002 wrestler wear a ZM wrestling t-shirt
-have them there by 6:00pm
-6:30-6:45 we will meet by the south wall (by concessions) I will explain what we are to do
-6:45ish I will walk the 2013 5002 club members onto mat, introduce what 5002 is, then introduce them!
-I will also present the boys with their new ‘5002 shirts’ in which they will put on at this time

This is one of my favorite nights of the year! Please pump your little up for it…they’ve earned it!

If you are looking for the word find (last page) please contact me at 507-358-1344. I only have hard copies left.


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