Kwik Trip Card Program

Kwik Trip Cards

The Booster Club offers a terrific opportunity to support ZM wrestling by simply making your normal Kwik Trip purchases.  All you have to do is purchase Kwik Trip gift cards and then use those gift cards at ANY Kwik Trip store.

How it works

The cards work just like cash and can even be used to purchase gas at the pump along with any purchases inside the store with the exception of cigarettes, gift cards, lottery tickets, and stamps.

Who is eligible

These are for wrestling families only.  According to the MN State rules of fundraising we are NOT allowing people to go out selling these.  Purchase for your family only. Each ZM wrestling family will automatically become a member of the Booster Club upon the completion of their first purchase of Kwik Trip gift cards.

The benefits

Bottom line: You save 5%.  Booster Club is able to purchase Kwik Trip cards at a 5% discount.  When a ZM wrestling family purchases a card for $100, $5 will go to the family’s Booster Club account.  The family can use that $5 for any wrestling expenses allowable under Minnesota State High School League rules including wrestling gear, wrestling fees, most anything wrestling related.  The club earns money (up to 10% rebate) on eligible in-store purchases made by ZM wrestling families.  Items not eligible for rebate are cigarettes, gift cards, lottery, and stamps.

How to start

Fill out the request form with the amount you’d like to order.  Denominations are $25, $50, and $100.  Gift cards must be picked up and paid for within a few days of when they come in. (Normally takes Kwik Trip four or five days to get them to us).

Please take advantage of this wonderful opportunity to support ZM wrestling!

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