Deadline to Sign Up for Team Camp Tomorrow

Please let Link know by May 16th at 2:00PM if your wrestler is attending Concordia wrestling camp June 8th-12th.  See the previous post for more details.

Signed up so far:

  1. Noah Prodzinski
  2. Sam Nordquist
  3. Caden Steffen
  4. Fletcher Bengtson
  5. Seth Tupper
  6. Luke Tuper
  7. Hayden Voxland
  8. Michael Vath
  9. Garrett Huneke
  10. Jacob Bennett
  11. Jarret Haglund
  12. Connor Hegseth
  13. Freedom Hunt
  14. Hayden Stensland
  15. Joey Majerus
  16. Michael Majerus
  17. Maverick Jackson


Would your child benefit from a wrestling camp? And how might you choose the right one for them to attend? Those are two big questions many parents are pondering this time of year. Read The Lowdown on Wrestling Camps.

One problem wrestlers face in scoring is that they often attack the opponent’s legs by going to their knees. The snatch single is a safe and effective way to attack an opponent while minimizing risks of counter attacks. Watch the video here.

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