Important Summer Camp Information

The ZM wrestling camp will host Gopher wrestlers Kevin Steinhaus (June 2nd & 3rd) and Dylan Ness (June 4th & 5th)!  Click here to read their profiles and complete your registration form.

The wrestlers and coaches have chosen Concordia College Team Wrestling Camp!

Grades: 7-12 (2014-2015 school year).  This year’s 6th graders are welcome but it’s tough!  Be sure they are ready!

Cost is $210 per individual wrestler after Booster Club grant and discounts.  If your family has more than 1 wrestler, it is $185 each.

Remember, your Kwik Trip card money can be applied to this camp!  I know some ZM wrestlers will attend this camp for free!  If you have questions about the Kwik Trip Cards please email Brian Majerus (Mazeppa) at: or Dan Bennett (Zumbrota) at:


  1. By Friday, May 16th, email Link Steffen @ if your wrestler is attending Cobbers team wrestling camp.
  2. Register online by Friday, May 16th @:
    1. Click lower left corner ‘Register online now’
    2. Be sure to select ‘Zumbrota/Mazeppa’ for team (very important)
    3. For ‘Pay Amount’ click PAY IN FULL
    4. For ‘Payment Type’ click PAY BY CHECK (do NOT pay online!)
    5. Under ‘special request’ have your child request a roommate from ZM
  3. By Thursday, May 22nd, please have your checks sent to: Link Steffen, 353 East 9th Street, Zumbrota MN 55992.  Make checks payable to ‘ZM Wrestling’ (ZM Booster Club will write one large check to Cobber’s Camps since it’s much easier for Concordia to handle one check.)  If you are paying using your Kwik Trip account money, please send a note with your check stating how much KT money you will be applying towards the camp and subtract this amount from your check.  If you are paying in full with KT money, send Link Steffen an e-mail stating you are paying in full with KT money.

If money is an issue and may prevent your child from attending this camp, contact Link at  In confidentiality, we will work out a solution to this problem.  Every kid deserves the same opportunities.

 Extra info:

-We will set up rides/times/drivers the week of May 26th (after all the above info is completed)
-We will start having open mats the week of May 19th.  I will have a schedule ready before the 19th
-If your son is wrestling at the ZM camp or Concordia Moorhead, I strongly suggest they get in ‘open mat’ time to be prepared physically
-What a great experience and opportunity at an affordable price for our ZM wrestlers (both ZM and Concordia camps!)
-Be sure to check out the camp clinicians on the brochure and their daily schedules!  It’s truly a GREAT CAMP!
-This is a grueling camp and physical and mental toughness is part of it.  We don’t need to baby our younger wrestlers and hold them out of every tough camp/drill/etc., as the upperclassmen will take care of them.  But please understand that we do not want a 6th grader having a bad experience and pushed too much when they are not ready.  Use good judgment as nobody knows your kid better than you!

Go ZM Wrestling!



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