High School Reminders

  1. No organized practice of any kind today.  Here is a ‘home’ workout the boys can do.  Please do get this to your son and encourage him to do the work.  Thank you…
  2. There will be a 1lb weight allowance for tomorrow.  106=109,  113 = 116
  3. Remember: RCTC wrestles St. Olaf tomorrow after our dual with Lake City.  Schedule: 4:00 weigh-ins.  5:00 JV, ZM vs LC.  6:00 Varsity, ZM vs LC. 7:30 RCTC vs St. Olaf
  4. Skin issues.  Please help us help your son in making sure they are bringing clean clothes and towels to practice each day.  Make sure they are showering regularly and doing self examinations.  January is usually the toughest month for skin issues, so let’s be as proactive as possible and help keep our wrestlers clean and healthy.



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