Home Workout

Warm up: (5 mnts) sets of 10, done slowly

  1. push-ups, sit-ups, squats, leg raisers,
  2. wall sits (2 sets of :10) run in place (2 sets of :15) static push-ups (2 sets of :15)
  3. shadow wrestle.  Focus on ‘heavy hands’, foot movement, quick shots, deep sprawls, getting angles, MOVEMENT

CARDIO WORK OUT: (roughly 45 mnts) Focus is: get heart rate up, sweat, push yourselves, feel good about your workout!

  1. Hit-it’s, sprawl, knee, shoot: (5mnts) 5 sets of 1:00 mnt.  MOVE, MOVE, MOVE, MOVE!
  2. Changing speeds drill: (5mnts) Jog in place at a medium pace, every :15 seconds SPRINT for 15 steps, then jog again
  3. Lowering level drill: (5mnts) slow jog in place, every :15 lower lever to quality stance & continue jog in low stance for :15. Continue level changes every :15.  FOCUS on keeping head up, good stance, good position, while jogging.
  4. Sprinting in place (3 sets of 1 mnt).  EVERYTHING YOU GOT FOR EACH MNT PERIOD!
  5. Static exercises (12 mnts, sets of 1 mnt)
    1. 2 wall sits, head against wall, knees at 90 degrees, hands against wall
    2. 2 static push-ups
    3. 2 leg raisers, heels together and 6 inches off floor, hands palm down to side of your hips
    4. 2 wall sits
    5. 2 static pushups
    6. 2 wall sits
  6. Mountain climbers (3 sets of one mnt)
  7. 50 of each of the following: (sets of 25)
    1. jumping jacks
    2. squats
    3. push-up
    4. squats
    5. skies
  8. Circle Drill: 7 sets of :35 with 7 Jumping jacks in-between sets.  Each new circle drill starts at the full minute.  This means you have :25 to get your 7 JJ’s in and whatever time is left over is your rest time till the next mnt starts.  
  9. 3 sets of :15 sprints in place.  PUSH YOURSELF and END WITH PRIDE!
  10. Walk it off (3 mnts)  While walking off, focus on what you are going to do today to help you, your teammates, and your family.  Ideas: homework, watching video of your matches, cleaning, shoveling, cooking.  Be a better person today, lay the video games and tv down….accomplish something!

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