ZM Wrestling Clothing and Gear Store Open Until October 31st

ZM Wrestling Clothing and Gear stores are open now until October 31st! Youth and high school orders will NOT be separate this year, so please place your orders now. There are 2 stores – one through Rebyl Sports for singlets, matching fight shorts and hoodies (high school singlets are provided by the school):

and one through Insignia Printing for your traditional hoodies, joggers, t-shirts, etc. :

Please spread the word!

We have ordered singlets through this company in the past, and sizing runs very true to the sizing chart listed through Rebyl. In my experience, the fight shorts are generous in sizing (especially given the new trend of wearing shorter shorts). As a reference, all of my boys wear a size smaller than they typically do. Owen wears an adult XS, Cain a Medium, and Ryan a Medium (again, short shorts)! The brand is My House, a brand we have used in the past for singlets and warm-ups.

We are opening and closing the order before the season officially starts in an effort to get gear here in time for the majority of the season, and holidays as well. Cross your fingers!

As always, please feel free to reach out to me with any questions you may have. Thanks, and GO COUGARS! Lacey Lexvold

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