Inner Drive Wrestling Information

idInner Drive Wrestling is a year-round organization in Rochester designed to give wrestlers an opportunity to develop and maintain an edge over the competition.  Below are the ZM wrestlers signed up for Inner Drive.  It’s not too late to join.  Please contact Jen Steffen at to sign up.

Wrestlers signed up for Inner Drive:

  1. Caden Steffen
  2. Fletcher Bengtson
  3. Jarret Haglund
  4. Jack Haglund
  5. Spencer Defrang
  6. Hayden Voxland
  7. Jacob Bennett
  8. Joey Majerus
  9. Michael Majerus
  10. Michael Vath
  11. Mason Lemmerman
  12. Noah Prodzinski
  13. Garrett Huneke
  14. Connor Hegseth

Contact Link Steffen for payment instructions/amounts.

Extra Information:

Who: This years grades 3-6 and 7-12…they run at separate times
When: June, July, August, every Monday and Wednesday.  Times are in sign-up sheet.
Transportation: Meet in HS parking lot in Zumbrota at 5:15.  If each parent/wrestler can volunteer a night or two we should be covered.
Drivers:  We will try for two drivers each night and there will likely be HS drivers.  If this is an issue you will have to arrange your own rides.

Monday, June 23rd:  Jess Defrang and Link Steffen
Wednesday, June 25th: Link Steffen,  ?
Monday, June 30 thru August 27th: All are open, lmk if there is a night or two you can drive

What should my wrestler bring to his first practice:  Print off the waiver form and Inner Drive sign-up sheet.  Fill out and send with your wrestler.  They can’t practice without them signed and delivered.  Bring workout gear, soap, shampoo, and a towel. I strongly recommend all ZM wrestlers shower there before coming home.

To keep in mind:  Elementary kids wrestling goes 1 hour later than hs kids (7:30-8:30).  If we have elementary kids the first two nights next week, I will stay late and bring them back.  After the 2nd night, the driver(s) will have to work out this elementary situation.

Thank you,


Caden Steffen, Michael Majerus, and Ryan Lexvold attended the Northern Plains Kids/Cadet Regional in Fargo last weekend.  They wrestled in both the Greco and Freestyle events.  Caden placed 2nd/2nd, Michael 3rd/3rd, and Ryan 4th/4th.


Isaiah O’Reilly and Cole Poncelet also wrestled in the Southland Summer Smash on Friday night.

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