Youth Team

Dear wrestling parents,

ZM Youth Wrestling will be competing in several team wrestling events during the season. We have had a tremendous amount of fun, excitement, and success in years past. We firmly believe our kids learn enthusiasm, teamwork, and sportsmanship through team wrestling. We also hope the team helps bind our wrestlers together at a young age and that bond stays strong through their careers as ZM wrestlers.

Our coaches will focus on technique, teamwork, life lessons, and having fun. We will also try to win the matches we wrestle. Winning will not be the only focus, but there is nothing wrong with being competitive and wanting to win. As coaches, we will be sure to coach and wrestle with good sportsmanship, whether we win or lose.

The team will consist mostly of our older, more experienced elementary wrestlers. However, there are weights that sometimes require younger, inexperienced wrestlers to compete simply because there are not other wrestlers at that weight. Through coaches’ observations of practices, tournaments, and experiences with the kids, they will determine the team. The coaches will do the best they can to get each wrestler matches, but there are no guarantees that all wrestlers will get matches during team competition.

Please feel free to contact the coaches with any issues that may arise with the team. We want to be as fair as possible and want all wrestlers to have a good experience! Each and every wrestler is very important to all of us and the future of ZM Wrestling!

Thank You,

ZM Wrestling Coaches

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