Zumbrota-Mazeppa finishes 2nd in their clash pool.

Yesterday, ZM participated in day 1 of the 32 team Clash, with teams coming from across the US. Coming in as the overall #24 seed, they beat #8 from Staley, Mo, 30-29. In the second match, they faced the overall #9 seed Vacaville, Ca and won 30-29 as well. This earned them a place in the pool championship vs the overall #1 seed STMA. That match ended 55-9 in favor of STMA.

The strong showing means that ZM will fight for anywhere from 5th to 8th overall place today. this is an awesome showing so far from the team,…but they are not done yet!!

ZM will face #1-A Jackson County Central (Minnesota) today at 3pm. In their first match. Go Cougars!

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