Youth Update: Huge turnout at Festivas. Klapperich, Auger, Stone wrestlers of the week. 5002 club indoctrinated!

On Saturday, the youth wrestlers had a huge turnout in Plainview for Festivas for the Wrestivas youth tournament. Here is a picture of only part of our crew that showed up (most of the 5th and 6th graders had a later weigh in). These are awesome numbers! I heard everyone had an awesome time, especially watching Santa pinning the Grinch.

The youth wrestlers of the week are Peter Klapperich, Austin Auger, and Owen Stone. Congrats boys! Seeing the number of wrestlers we have, this is quite a honor!

Peter Klapperich
Austin Auger
Owen Stone

Finally, our 2021-2022 5002 Club were indoctrinated during our dual with Stewartville! These wrestlers began workouts in July and performed 5002 pushups, sit-ups, and burpees heading into the start of wrestling season in November. There names will be added on the wall next to past 5002 members. Congrats!

Patrick Fruth
Bryce Gerdes
Kason Hill
Jonah Karow
Owen Lexvold
Jaxon Liffrig
Jacob Matthees
Levi Matthees
Jase McNamara
Kade McNamara
Gabe O’Connor
Teddy O’Connor
Elih Schaefer
Lincoln Toombs

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