Youth Update: ZM Youth Team Earns 2nd place at Maple River: Individual Tourneys this weekend

The ZM K-6 Youth team participated in a 6 team tournament in Maple River last weekend. The team went 3-1 with wins over LCWM, PEM, and Maple River/USC. In the championship match they lost a nail biter by 2 points to Westfield. Great job guys!

2nd place in Maple River

This weekend there are two individual tournaments coming up. Plainview is on Saturday and Stewartville on Sunday.

Plainview’s tournament is for all skill levels, experience, and ages from pre-k-6th grade. Nicknamed Festivus for the wrestivus (for any Seinfeld fans). The tournament tries to make the brackets competitive by matching up similar wrestlers in each bracket. You don’t need to pre register for this one…just show up and sign up there. More information about this tournament can be found on the Guillotine here:

Stewartville’s tournament is a bit more advanced and is a MN/USA tournament to qualify for the state tournament in March. You need to purchase an MN/USA card (good for 1 year) as well as the cost of entry to the tournament. This tournament requires you to sign up online the day before the tournament (8pm cutoff). More information about this tournament can be found on track wrestling here: . Need to click on Events and search for Stewartville.

Any questions about these tournaments, please ask a coach!

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