USA Wrestling Cadet Freestyle Nationals


Cadet FS 94-

Champ. Round 1: Michael Majerus (Minnesota) over () (Bye)                 Champ. Round 2: Ronan Marino (Connecticut) over Michael Majerus (Minnesota) (TF 15-4)
Cons. Round 2: Michael Majerus (Minnesota) over Ty Smidt (Minnesota) (TF 14-4)
Cons. Round 3: Ryan Haynes (Illinois) over Michael Majerus (Minnesota) (TF 10-0)

2016-07-21 17.30.35

Michael got the 1st Cougar win on the new mat!


Cadet FS – 182

Champ. Round 1: Caden Steffen (Minnesota) over () (Bye)
Champ. Round 2: Caden Steffen (Minnesota) over Mason Maulding (New York) (TF 10-0)
Champ. Round 3: Jake Thompson (Ohio) over Caden Steffen (Minnesota) (Dec 5-2)
Cons. Round 4: Caden Steffen (Minnesota) over Jaden Sonner (Indiana) (Dec 12-9)
Cons. Round 5: Caden Steffen (Minnesota) over Josh Nowak (Wisconsin) (TF 11-0)
Cons. Round 6: Caden Steffen (Minnesota) over Jackson Mckinney (Washington) (TF 14-4)
Cons. Round 7: Tyler Buesgens (Minnesota) over Caden Steffen (Minnesota) (Fall 2:27)







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