7th-12th Grade Open Practice / Family Night

*Come join us Monday, November 25*

5-5:30 – Take pictures of/with our kids while still in uniform from sports pix.  Family  pix/poster pix/Senior-Junior groups, etc.

5:30-6 – Boys set up gym for practice while parents/family EAT!  Soup and salad will be served.

*After you eat, you will be shown our new website and be able to sign up for email/facebook/text/twitter updates.

6-7:30/8 – Boys practice in gym – you are invited to watch practice and tour the new wrestling room.  Wrestling dads will be available to answer questions about the new room. We will also be looking for volunteers to sign up for various things we need help with throughout the season.

Parents can stay whole time or leave when you want.  Coach Steffen will have time at the end of practice to talk and/or answer questions. Boys will have a chance to eat after practice.

*** Some clothing samples will be available to try on as well. Order forms can be turned in that night.

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