ZM Wrestlers / Managers / Families / Fans Needed for Cleanup after Mazeppa Fireworks

The Mazeppa Lions club has asked the wrestlers if we can clean up the garbage around Herb Vik field after the fireworks. As you are all aware the Mazeppa Lions are a huge supporter of our wrestling program and here is a chance to show how much that means to us.

When: Half hour after fireworks finale.

Where: Meet at 2nd base of softball field.

Who: All K-12 wrestlers, managers, parents, fans.

Why: Mazeppa Lions is a HUGE supporter of our wrestling program and has recently donating a generous amount of money for our new mat this year. In addition, to help the Mazeppa community with cleaning up after the party!

What should I bring? Bring a pair of gloves if desired. Garbage bags will be provided.

How long: If we have a lot of volunteers, it should go pretty quick.

5002 Club starts in 7 days!

Attention all ZM wrestlers going into 6th grade and below. The 5002 Club workouts start on Monday, July 11th! This is an awesome club to be part of and will keep you in shape in the offseason! Please see attached file below for the calendar and when to perform the exercises.

What is 5002 Club?

Coach Steffen came up with the 5002 Club as an opportunity for our youth wrestlers to stay active physically and mentally during the off-season.  It’s meant to give them self-discipline, self-worth, and hopefully a sense of accomplishment when they complete the challenge.

What does 5002 mean/represent?

5002 is the total number of sit-ups, push-ups, and burpees completed in order to become a member.  The youth are given a calendar with the number of exercises to be performed on a given day.  The total on the calendar add up to 5001, but Cougars always do 1 extra for 5002!

5002 Club Member Rules

  1. Be honest! If you miss one exercise you lose your membership.  Cougars always have integrity.  They tell the truth!
  2. If you get a detention or have to pull a card in September-November, you lose your membership.  You are a student-athlete, not an athlete-student!
  3. Write a HANDWRITTEN 1/2 to 1 page paper about the topic for the year. (Little guys: 2-3 sentences are fine.  Have mom and dad help).  When you complete the letter, mail it to Coach Steffen.  These will be on display at the first varsity home dual.

5002 Club Rewards

  1. Receive a t-shirt stating ‘5002 Club Member’.
  2. Introduction to the ZM wrestling crowd at the first varsity home dual.  Coach Steffen will call all 5002 Club members onto the floor and introduce you to the crowd.
  3. Choose 1 away event to travel with the varsity wrestlers as a manager.
  4. Choose 1 home event to be the manager.
  5. Your name will be displayed on the ZM wrestling room as having completed the 5002 challenge!