Watch Cody Heitman compete this Saturday at RCTC

Cody Heitman will be representing the Mustangs of Southwest Minnesota State University this Saturday at RCTC.  SMSU is a Division II wrestling program out of Marshall, MN.  Wrestling begins at 10:00 a.m. at the RCTC Field House.  It would be great to get a few of us to attend and support Cody!  Contact Link if you are interested in riding down.

Youth Wrestling Season Starting Soon!

The youth wrestling season will be starting soon and we’d like you to join us!  Last week, each child in the public and private schools in 6th grade and under should have received this flyer.  We hope to relay this information to as many parents and youth as we can.  Please help us out by sharing this post!

New to wrestling or looking to try it again?  We are offering 2 free practices on November 10th and 17th.  These practices provide the opportunity to learn more about the sport without any commitment.  See the flyer for more details.

Registration is Monday, November 17th.  We’ll cover practice schedule, important dates, and other essential information.  You can get a head start and download the registration form and bring it with you on the 17th.

Finally, a good read as to Why Your Child Should Consider Wrestling.

6 ZM wrestlers competed in the Cliff Keen USAW Preseason Nationals in Cedar Falls, IA this past weekend.  Pictured are Jacob Bennett (2nd), Tyler Soltau (7th), Michael Majerus, and Ryan Lexvold (8th).  Also attending were Spencer DeFrang and Hayden Stensland.  These guys are excited for the upcoming season and represented ZM very well.


Message From Former ZM Wrestler Mitchell Watkins

A message from former ZM Wrestler Mitchell Watkins:

“Today, for the military I ran 9.5 miles.  12 stations.  5 rope climbs.  80 pull ups.  100 sit ups.  100 dips.  Fireman’s carry 1/3 mile per person.  120 push ups.  50 burpies.  Carry 60 pounds up hill 1/4 mile.  3 hill sprints.  20-story building, run stairs up and down twice.  100 lunges.  All on 3 hours of sleep and carrying a 35 pound pack 1/6 of the way.  Easily the toughest workout of my life.  Sad to say but at that point it wasn’t the Marines or family or anything keeping me going.  It was honest to god knowing that I had done that stuff at higher stakes (team wrestling state/sections).  So I can honestly say thank you ZM Wrestling for that. It came in handy!!”

Pine Island is having a 2 night camp for Grades 3 through 12 November 10th and 11th.  Registration form is here for anyone interested.