5002 Club Info; Z-M Camp Starts Monday

A reminder that the ZM Wrestling Camp starts Monday and will host Gopher wrestlers Kevin Steinhaus (June 2nd & 3rd) and Dylan Ness (June 4th & 5th).  Don’t miss out on this great opportunity.

The 5002 Club is back!  This is the fourth year of the summer/fall program for our youth. In the first 3 years, we had 11, 13, and 15 kids participate respectively.  You can download the 2014 5002 Club schedule and information here.  Check out the members from 2013 being introduced at the first varsity dual.

Caden Steffen Wins MN/USA Triple Crown; Concordia Team Camp Details

Five ZM wrestlers participated in the MN/USA State Greco-Roman and Freestyle Tournament this past weekend.  Caden Steffen of Zumbrota placed 1st in both styles and won the triple crown award for winning 3 state titles.  He previously won the MN/USA Folkstyle title.  Also placing were Ryan Lexvold (2nd/3rd) and Michael Majerus (4th/4th).  Also competing were Luke Tupper and Hayden Stensland.

Concordia Team Camp

Info page is here.

  1. Payment for Concordia camp:
    1. Make checks to: ZM Wrestling
    2. If possible, have checks to Link Steffen’s house (353 East 9th St. Zumbrota) by Thursday 22nd.  Checks will be deposited Monday 26th.
  2. Bus info for Concordia: (we will take a bus instead of setting up rides)
    1. Leaving: Sunday, June 8th at 09:00 from back of Zumbrota HS parking lot
    2. Coming home: Thursday the 12th arriving behind the ZM HS.  Estimated arrival time 4-5 PM
  3. What to bring to Concordia:
    1. Fan
    2. Extra blanket
    3. Minimum of 4 sets of shorts and T-shirts. They do laundry nightly but there are several sessions each day
    4. Keep coolers and food to a minimum, the boys get fed very well
    5. TV’s, games, computers, you bring at your own risk and they take up a lot of room
    6. $20-$50 should be more than enough spending money
    7. Be respectful when packing….it’s only 5 days and wrestling should be the priority
  4. Open mat/run times (preparation for the camps)
    1. Wednesday, 5-21, 6:00-7:15 wrestling room (warm-up, stretch, couple matches, little technique, cool down)
    2. Saturday, 5-24, time and place TBD, Several wrestlers are planning a run/workout. Expect 30-45 minutes of aerobic activity in preparation for upcoming camps. Bring running shoes.
    3. Sunday, 5-25, 7:00-8:15 wrestling room (warm-up, stretch, couple matches, little technique, cool down)
    4. Wednesday, 5-28, 6:00-7:15, wrestling room (warm-up, stretch, couple matches, little technique, cool down)
    5. Saturday, 5-31, time and place TBD.  Several wrestlers are planning a run/workout. Expect 30-45 minutes of aerobic activity in preparation for upcoming camps. Bring running shoes

Thank you,

Open Mat Practices for K-12

Four open mats will be held in the Mazeppa wrestling room starting this Sunday as an opportunity to prepare for upcoming camps and stay in touch with wrestling.  This is not mandatory and is open to all wrestlers K-12.  If you are bringing a younger wrestler, be sure they have a partner before coming.  There will be some conditioning, live wrestling, and technique involved in these sessions.  Chase Steffen will be supervising.

Open mat dates/times:
Sunday, May 18th, 7:00-8:15
Wednesday, May 21, 6:00-7:15
Sunday, May 25, 7:00-8:15
Wednesday, May 28, 6:00-7:15

Saturday, May 24th & 31st. The wrestlers will be getting together and doing some distance running and sprints in preparation for the ZM and Cobber camps.  All 7-12 wrestlers are welcome to attend.  Time TBD by the captains that is least intrusive for most upperclassmen.



Deadline to Sign Up for Team Camp Tomorrow

Please let Link know by May 16th at 2:00PM if your wrestler is attending Concordia wrestling camp June 8th-12th.  See the previous post for more details.

Signed up so far:

  1. Noah Prodzinski
  2. Sam Nordquist
  3. Caden Steffen
  4. Fletcher Bengtson
  5. Seth Tupper
  6. Luke Tuper
  7. Hayden Voxland
  8. Michael Vath
  9. Garrett Huneke
  10. Jacob Bennett
  11. Jarret Haglund
  12. Connor Hegseth
  13. Freedom Hunt
  14. Hayden Stensland
  15. Joey Majerus
  16. Michael Majerus
  17. Maverick Jackson


Would your child benefit from a wrestling camp? And how might you choose the right one for them to attend? Those are two big questions many parents are pondering this time of year. Read The Lowdown on Wrestling Camps.

One problem wrestlers face in scoring is that they often attack the opponent’s legs by going to their knees. The snatch single is a safe and effective way to attack an opponent while minimizing risks of counter attacks. Watch the video here.

Looking for Youth Wrestlers to Attend Camp With Teammates

We currently have 2, perhaps 3 wrestlers attending a wrestling/activity camp July 19-22, and they are looking for some of their fellow wrestling teammates to join them.  The grades of the ZM boys looking to attend are 2nd, 3rd, and 5th.  The camp offers a good mixture of wrestling and outdoor activities.  Some of the activities include canoeing/kayaking, archery, team building, hiking, fishing, and bowling.

Last year ZM had 6 wrestlers attend the camp and the boys had a blast.   The camp offers very good one-on-one help in the wrestling room as well as good supervision during the outdoor activities.  The 6 ZM boys were among a group of 25 or so.  The camp is held at a state park so many of the outdoor activities are run by the Iowa DNR staff.  Last year all the ZM kids got to stay in the same room.  So if we can get enough wrestlers going, we will see if they can accommodate us in the same manner.

You can learn more about the camp at http://www.highaltitudewrestling.com/camps/summer-campsclinics/.  Our wrestlers are attending the Top/Bottom Wrestling Camp from July 19-22.  A reminder you can use your Kwik Trip money to help pay for the camp.  If you don’t know what the Kwik Trip program is, learn about it here.

Please e-mail me (chris.lexvold@gmail.com) if you are interested in having your wrestler attend.  I will get you in touch with the parents of the wrestlers that are currently attending so you can coordinate rides and exchange other details.

If you want to watch some wrestling this weekend, head down to the RCTC Fieldhouse and watch the MN/USA Kids & Cadets State Greco (Saturday) and State Freestyle (Sunday) tournaments.  Good luck to those participating!

Important Summer Camp Information

The ZM wrestling camp will host Gopher wrestlers Kevin Steinhaus (June 2nd & 3rd) and Dylan Ness (June 4th & 5th)!  Click here to read their profiles and complete your registration form.

The wrestlers and coaches have chosen Concordia College Team Wrestling Camp!

Grades: 7-12 (2014-2015 school year).  This year’s 6th graders are welcome but it’s tough!  Be sure they are ready!

Cost is $210 per individual wrestler after Booster Club grant and discounts.  If your family has more than 1 wrestler, it is $185 each.

Remember, your Kwik Trip card money can be applied to this camp!  I know some ZM wrestlers will attend this camp for free!  If you have questions about the Kwik Trip Cards please email Brian Majerus (Mazeppa) at: majerus.brian@mayo.edu or Dan Bennett (Zumbrota) at: danbzta@gmail.com


  1. By Friday, May 16th, email Link Steffen @ link.steffen@state.mn.us if your wrestler is attending Cobbers team wrestling camp.
  2. Register online by Friday, May 16th @:  http://cobberwrestlingcamp.com/
    1. Click lower left corner ‘Register online now’
    2. Be sure to select ‘Zumbrota/Mazeppa’ for team (very important)
    3. For ‘Pay Amount’ click PAY IN FULL
    4. For ‘Payment Type’ click PAY BY CHECK (do NOT pay online!)
    5. Under ‘special request’ have your child request a roommate from ZM
  3. By Thursday, May 22nd, please have your checks sent to: Link Steffen, 353 East 9th Street, Zumbrota MN 55992.  Make checks payable to ‘ZM Wrestling’ (ZM Booster Club will write one large check to Cobber’s Camps since it’s much easier for Concordia to handle one check.)  If you are paying using your Kwik Trip account money, please send a note with your check stating how much KT money you will be applying towards the camp and subtract this amount from your check.  If you are paying in full with KT money, send Link Steffen an e-mail stating you are paying in full with KT money.

If money is an issue and may prevent your child from attending this camp, contact Link at link.steffen@state.mn.us.  In confidentiality, we will work out a solution to this problem.  Every kid deserves the same opportunities.

 Extra info:

-We will set up rides/times/drivers the week of May 26th (after all the above info is completed)
-We will start having open mats the week of May 19th.  I will have a schedule ready before the 19th
-If your son is wrestling at the ZM camp or Concordia Moorhead, I strongly suggest they get in ‘open mat’ time to be prepared physically
-What a great experience and opportunity at an affordable price for our ZM wrestlers (both ZM and Concordia camps!)
-Be sure to check out the camp clinicians on the brochure and their daily schedules!  It’s truly a GREAT CAMP!
-This is a grueling camp and physical and mental toughness is part of it.  We don’t need to baby our younger wrestlers and hold them out of every tough camp/drill/etc., as the upperclassmen will take care of them.  But please understand that we do not want a 6th grader having a bad experience and pushed too much when they are not ready.  Use good judgment as nobody knows your kid better than you!

Go ZM Wrestling!



ZM Summer Camp Registration; Block and Prodzinski Place at State

Evan Block and Noah Prodzinksi both placed last weekend in the MN/USA Junior State tournaments held in Anoka.  Each earned 5th in Greco and Evan placed 6th in Freestyle.  Congratulations guys!

The ZM Wrestling Camp runs from June 2nd-5th. The camp will be run by Minnesota Golden Gophers. Don’t miss out on this great opportunity!  To sign up, fill out and mail in the registration form.

Tomorrow night and Saturday are the Simley Greco and Freestyle State Qualifiers.  New to Greco and Freestyle?  The gutwrench is the first move you’ll want to learn.